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Speak Life – Speak Hope

This is the third installment in a six week challenge series related to speaking life – improving our environment through the thoughts we foster and the words we express.

When you hear the phrase, “Speak Hope”, what comes to mind?

Our actions often demonstrate the evidence of our hope — we do something in the hope something will occur as a result. For instance, we change the oil in our vehicles in the hope that our car or truck will continue functioning. Similarly, we press on the brake in that vehicle with the hope that it will stop. Demonstrating hope is fairly common and can be easily observed. How do we speak hope though?

“We chose to speak hope or despair multiple times each day”

The truth is, we chose to speak hope or despair multiple times each day. For instance, let’s say you got off work a little early on a Friday in anticipation of a relaxing weekend only to discover that it is raining outside. You might say something like, “Oh great, of course it has to rain on the weekend — why can’t it do that during the week.” Or you could choose to say, “Well, it’s raining, so that saves me from having to mow the lawn and it will be relaxing to sit on the back porch and listen to the rain on the roof in the cool breeze.” Which one of those examples speaks of hope? The moral demonstrated in this example exists in the conversations we have with ourselves (self-talk) and with others (conversations) numerous times each day.

It is our nature as humans to view occurrences (such as the rain used in the example above) from a negative perspective (what it is doing TO me). However, the ability to re-think the situation into a “what is it doing FOR me” type of perspective  provides a powerful tool. (The psychological term for this technique of altering your perspective is “reframing”.)  Not only can reframing inspire you by changing your self talk but, if you allow that reframing to modify your conversations with others, they will be forced to consider that alternate perspectives may exist for the particular situation. Granted, they may not always adopt the reframing in their perspectives, but you have done your part to introduce that option to them.

This week’s challenge is to Speak Hope — throughout this week, I challenge you to find an opportunity each day to reframe your perspective and chose to speak hope (both internally through hopeful self-talk as well as externally through hope-filled conversations). It doesn’t need to be anything complex … a simple reframing of the slightest thing — maybe a long wait at a traffic light or someone in line in front of you who isn’t proceeding as quickly as you would prefer are examples of simple opportunities to reframe and speak hope.

I invite you to join me in accepting the challenge for this week. Please let me know how you were able to speak hope and how it affected you in the comments below. I look forward to reading the examples of how you were able to speak life by speaking hope.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Romans 15:13 NIV

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