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Category: Stress

Whack-a-Mole Self-Esteem

Have you ever had one of those weeks or months when it seems nothing goes right? No matter what you do, failure is just around the corner? Nobody seems to care about you until you begin making some improvement and they come running over to push you back down — like a life-sized game of whack-a-mole.. Does this ever describe you? It certainly describes me. I struggle with extremely low self-esteem and subsequent depression. As…

Family Gathering

Let’s face it … life and death are all about proper quantities.  Take water for example; we need it to survive. However, when we have too much of it, we drown. I saw a recent post on a Facebook site where readers were challenged to come up with a four-word sentence that ruined Thanksgiving. There were a number of very funny ones such as“Dad’s doing the cooking” but my favorite was shared by a mother…

The Power of Emotions in a Natural Disaster

Many of us are aware of the effects of Hurricane Harvey that the U.S. gulf coast states are currently experiencing.  What you may not be as aware of is the fact that even those who are not directly affected by the storm can experience significant stress as a result of it. Among those particularly susceptible to emotional stress resulting from natural disaster are children.  It is important to note that even children who have not…

Living in a Pressure Cooker

The pressures of stress can cause health problems. It is important to implement a pressure relief valve to deal with stress. These stress relief / pressure relief methods may include techniques such as prayer, meditation, or journaling among others. How do you blow off steam after a stressful situation?