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Welcome to Turning Positive

Welcome to! ¬†Whether this is your first time stopping by or you are a frequent visitor, we are glad you stopped by. is a site devoted to encouraging, elevating, and empowering one another through positivity. The application of positive thinking and the choice of viewing our experiences through a positive lens have been proven to be significant factors related to the quality of life. In fact, there is a growing focus in the field of psychology regarding this phenomenon which is described as “positive psychology”.

I built with the goal of creating an environment where I can share my experiences and hopefully provide encouragement to others. In turn, it is my hope and prayer that will not only elevate and encourage each visitor but will inspire each visitor to adopt, demonstrate, and teach others about the value of adopting positivity as a lifestyle norm.

I invite you to look through the pages and learn more about, gain some insight into the benefits and applicability of positivity. One thing you will quickly observe is that I believe faith and positivity are closely related. In fact, it is difficult to imagine any opportunity for positivity without faith. The faith I speak of is my faith in a creator God who loves each of us so much that he sent his only son to die and be resurrected for us so that we could experience ultimate joy in Heaven for eternity. Because of my strong belief in the correlation between faith and positivity, most of my blog postings will conclude with a verse or two of scripture that is intended to help tie the posting with a scriptural foundation.

We encourage you to add your comments, email us, follow us on the social media platforms of your choice. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing a positive outlook.

Encourage, Elevate, Empower